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About ADS

Who we are

ADS are a full service advertising agency with over 20 years’ experience within the industry. Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients and to deliver marketing solutions that can transform brands and grow businesses. Our team of experts will take your existing strategy and move it to the next level in 5 easy steps……

Our philosophy

ADS continue to be innovative and astute in delivering engaging and effective campaigns for our clients across all media platforms and sectors. We are constantly embracing new technologies whilst maintaining our traditional approach to ensure result driven campaigns to maximise return on investment

How we work together

Our dedicated account managers work closely with you to ensure that you get the maximum exposure at the most cost effective price. We like to be seen as part of your own marketing team who understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. We will attend regular meetings to evaluate how current campaigns are performing so that we can react quickly to any market changes.

We love a challenge

Creative thinking and great design - that’s how we create campaigns. As a full service marketing and design agency, our team is made up of marketing, design and digital experts. We love a challenge. Send us your brief and we’ll come up with the perfect solution…

  • Send us your brief..
  • Design the perfect solution.
  • Maximise the best results.

Our steps...

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We work with you to define your goals – long-term and immediate. This way you can easily measure return on investment. For example, do you want to grow sales by 20%? Reach a new market? Clear old stock? Then we will map out how much marketing (not advertising alone) you will need to achieve your goals. We will focus on advertising channels that compliment your business.

For example, new markets mean using media outlets and messaging that you may not have used before. We will give you clarity all the way.

What can you afford? Many companies allocate as much as 5-10 percent of their income to advertising, others much less. At the end of the day, it comes down to what’s right for your business and whether advertising can help you achieve your goals.

Advertising takes time to have an impact and can be hard to measure initially, but as you plan your budget, consider the impact of not advertising. We will completely plan your campaign covering all aspects and present to your key staff what to expect.
Who is your audience? Working closely with ADS, together we will create a profile of your best customer.

We will be as specific as possible, as this will be the focus of your ads and media choices.

Who is your competition? What can you offer that they don’t? Do you occupy a unique niche? All this will help drive your message to your target audience.

If you don’t already have a concise marketing message that defines what you have to offer, to whom, and why they should buy from you, then ADS will take the first step to craft one out for you.

Next, we will come up with a theme for your ad that reflects not only your message but also your brand identity with a tag line to reinforce the most important reason to buy from you.
In most cases, knowing your audience will help you choose the media that will deliver your sales message most effectively. We will stretch your media budget by using our way of enticing your main manufacturers or vendors to back your campaigns.

When we develop your advertising schedule, we will take advantage of any special editorial or promotional coverage planned in the media you select. Newspapers, for example, often run special sections featuring property, investing, home and garden improvement and tax advice. Magazines also often focus on specific themes in each issue. What about billboards, buses, or point-of-sale displays? Just to name a few!!!
Advertising is just one facet of an overall marketing strategy, so why not extend your advertising beyond traditional media with complementary tactics and repeat the message you’ve worked hard to create? Here are some ideas:

1) Co-sponsor events and advertise your participation. Community marketing is a great low-cost but high profile tactic that works well for small businesses.

2) Include mailing inserts or flyers in bills and invoices.

3) Use social media and your e-newsletter as another vehicle to showcase any promotions or ads.

4) Create tie-in promotions with complementary businesses.

5) Invest in promotional giveaways imprinted with your name and contact information – pens, post-it notes, pins and fridge magnets are just a few examples of what ADS can supply for you.

Lastly, “ADS will be persistent and consistent to ensure you reach your goals”

Media Services

We here at ADS excel at achieving maximum targeted exposure for our clients and delivering innovative and astute solutions. Our extensive knowledge and the use of the latest technology ensures that we will always be able to build and deliver you the ideal integrated digital solutions to enable you to get the most out of your online presence.

Thinking of booking some advertising?

Then take advantage of our media buying muscle and we’ll give you half of our agency commission received on all bookings made with us for 6 months.

Our media buying department will also proposes and plan an advertising campaign which will bring you more response at a lower rate.

Our Creative Department can also produce advert campaign visuals which will have a greater impact and generate more response so contact one of our Account Managers today.


Powerful media buying back-up with outstanding creativity.

Web Design

Dynamic and innovative websites that deliver quantifiable results.


Keep your site fresh with relevant content and drive sales to your website.


Drive traffic to your site for maximum exposure and measurable results.

Email marketing.

We deliver brand building opportunities and new lead generation for your business.

Social media.

We create engaging and credible solutions to elevate your social profile to the next level.

Mobile applications.

We offer a fresh targeted approach to engage existing and potential customers.


We have the experience and expertise to deliver secure and integrated online retail solutions.

Traditional Offline Marketing

Press Advertising

Our media buying muscle ensures we negotiate the best rates.

Radio Advertising

Specialists in planning, buying and producing audio campaigns.

Direct Mail

Effectively managing your data, print and fulfilment requirements.


Sourcing innovative solutions to visually engage your customers.

Print Management

Delivering cost effective solutions on time and on budget .


Our pictures paint a thousand words – enough said.

Creative Design

Implementing your vision to create a dynamic response.


Translating your strategy into engaging effective words.

Media Management

Experts in research, analysis, buying and planning across all platforms.

Public Relations

Specialists in the art of communicating your message clearly and concisely.

Our Media System

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Create and plan media schedules for TV, Press, Magazine, Radio, Internet and Outdoor.
Email and print media orders, invoices and credit notes.
Manage and schedule your booking and help voucher checking is completed.
Assign jobs to creative and production departments for them to quote and bill their time and materials.
Create PDF invoices and credit notes - full financial accounting is supported.
Incorporate BARB data for TV viewership figures.
Full financial accounting uses the same data as your media and production departments

Video Production

ADS provide a friendly, end-to-end video production solution, from the initial planning stage and scripting, to distributing the finished corporate film online to help people find you online.

We deliver cutting edge, content rich productions without the high price. Our team are passionate about video and will provide you with an honest, open and transparent service so that your project with us runs smoothly.

Did You Know?

Video is the number one marketing tool in today’s world. People’s attention span is rapidly diminishing and thus video is key in getting recognised. With video you can show an entire website’s worth of content in 2 minutes.

All our video is shot in 1080P full High Definition as standard. We do not charge an extra premium for high definition. Even if you only require a standard definition DVD we will shoot the footage in stunning HD.

By combining our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we will help you to get your message on screen with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

In this age of falling production costs and the rise of social media, video is becoming ever an ever more powerful tool for communicating with your clients, stakeholders and prospects. Online audiences are growing by the day and video will help you reach out and engage them.

Our videos are compatible with your website, YouTube, Vimeo, twitter and everything else. Your audiences will be able to view them on any device, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We supply video production in Kent.

Our Showcase

Below you will find a selection of our exciting projects showcasing our full range of media services.

Web Showcases

Advertising Showcases

Hosting Showcases

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